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Shoot your next campaign with top models based in Seoul, remotely.

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Models and Creatives, Build your entire team in just a few clicks

From top models around the world to the best hair and makeup artists in the country, and even photographers. Create the perfect team for this shoot with just a few clicks.

Easily proceed with
writing shooting details & requesting unlisted appearances

Say goodbye to overloading communication. Quickly write down the required information such as shooting time, media, and usage period, and convey it to the creatives you want to cast.

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& Payment and Contract Management

Manage upcoming shoots, past shoots, and future creatives you want to work with, all on one page

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Brand manager

MD from fashion corp

The whole process from planning to the day of the shoot was very satisfying, considering the reasonable model fee. I hope to work together again for the next shoot.


Fashion moel from UK

Great communication and well organized process. Fast payment, low fee!


Brand owner

Easy and fast contact with reasonable prices!




What are the creative fees for models, hair and makeup, photographers, etc.?

0%. Free. Spotlite is committed to creating an ecosystem where creatives can freely engage in activities without worrying about debts, contracts, and more. Starting from December 11, 2023, Spotlight will not charge creatives any fees, excluding taxes. Manage your shooting schedule, contracts, and payments easily on one platform. Spotlite promises to expedite payments as soon as possible after shooting. Settlements are usually made within around 7 days after shooting.

How is the estimate determined?

There are no hidden fees in Spotlight. All estimates are based on the hourly rate set by the model and other creatives, with a fixed 20% commission included. All creatives can receive the desired pay, and brands can proceed with the shoot with industry-low commissions, without worrying about hidden fees. Stop worrying about inflated estimates - easily select the right creative from over 1,000 through Spotlight and manage the shooting details.

Is Spotlite an agency?

Spotlite is not an agency. It's a marketplace platform that connects creatives and brands, just like Airbnb connects hosts and guests. This startup creates a service to make the work of creating the desired image for a brand more efficient for creatives and management agencies. Spotlite does not engage in any exclusive contracts or handle tasks such as visa issuance. Our management agency focuses more on talent recruitment and development, making it easier for brands and talents to connect.

Is it possible for management agency to collaborate?

Of course! Spotlite supports more than 5 top domestic and international models, creative management, and has signed MOUs with 12 companies to help their talents meet clients. From December 11, 2023, Spotlite will not charge any commission to the collaborating management company. If you want to promote our agency's clients to clients worldwide, please contact the Spotlite team at any time.

I have an agency. Can I be active in the spotlite?

For models with exclusive contracts and other creatives, the consent of affiliated management is necessary. Introducing Spotlight to affiliated management is always welcome!

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